Summer Online Guitar Academy

13 - 30 July 2020


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  1. Summer online guitar academy will be held from 13 to 30 July 2020 under a schedule with all participants;
  2. Teachers at the guitar academy are: Nikolay Mihaylov, Stefanos Dimitriou and Lyubomir Anov.
  3. Participants pay in advance a fee for participation and fill in an online application form no later than  10.07.2020. After the registration, the organizer will contact you to clarify the schedule. A professional technician will contact you for preliminary testing of the equipment.
    4. All participants are divided by age groups and / or level of playing.
    All participants need to have a computer (or a laptop) that is connected to an Ethernet (cable) connection; headphones; camera; microphone
    5.The organizers provide professional software for the lessons, free technical support.
    6. The organizers offer the following packages:

Package 1:
individual online master class within 60 minutes;
the maximum number of master classes you can request is 4;
The classes are organized according to a schedule agreed in advance with both parties
Price for an individual lesson: 40 BGN ( approx. 20 euro)

Package 2:
21 lessons online group lessons for: technical exercises for the left hand; technical exercises for the right hand; rhythmic exercises; sight reading; improvisation; composition.
Price:250 BGN( approx. 125 euro)

Package 3 (combined package)
4 individual master classes; 21 hours of group online lessons; two online concerts
Price: 390 BGN (approx.195 euro )
Group lessons have duration of 45 minutes and individual masterclasses of 60 minutes

7. For more information: [email protected]