Christopher Duarte

United Kingdom

Christopher Duarte was born in London and studied the cello from an early age. He studied music at Dartington College of Arts and the University of Surrey, UK, performing on the cello and the viola da gamba. After three years working at the BBC he and his wife bought a music shop in 1987, in Norwich, 150 kms NE of London. In 1988 he joined Norwich Cathedral Choir, where he sang daily services for 18 years until, in 2006, he became Director of Music at the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Norwich, where he stayed for 8 years. He now directs a mixed choir of 40 voices in Norwich. In 2017 he started to concentrate on the guitar music of his father, John Duarte. This included organising the Centenary Concert, on 2 October 2019, in London and also working with music publishers to make his works more available. This year 5 new pieces have been published or re-printed and 10 pieces have been recorded on CD, with more to follow.
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