Trio "Cavalcade"


At the origin of this unclassifiable project, Cavalcade, a partition of the guitarist and composer Mathias Duplessy, discovered during a speech given by this gifted, self-taught musician touches everything, in the class of Jeremy Jouve, classical guitarist, who work with passion to the renewal of the repertoire of his instrument. 
The meeting is placed under the sign of obviousness, connivance, immediate. It precedes bit than with Prabhu Edouard, percussionist who noticed alongside Magic Malik, Nguyen Le or Jordi Savall….
Guitar classical and flamenco, morin khuur and tabla mix their stamp, answer, dialogue and draw an imaginary landscape, somewhere between the steppes of Central Asia, the Mediterranean shores, the eastern lands of Europe. A musical drunkenness, which defies borders…

Jeremy Jouve – Mathias Duplessy guitar – guitar, morin khuur and singing + composition Prabhu Edouard – Indian percussion