Filipos Manoloudis


Filippos Manoloudis was born in 2001 in Kavala,Greece and is a
distinguished student of Kavala’s Music High School. He started learning
guitar at the age of seven in the Municipal Conservatory of Kavala where
he now is an undergraduate student in Fotis Koutsothodoros’ classical
guitar class.
He has claimed a total of 16 prizes in national and international
competitions, the most important of which are:

2 First Prizes in “Volos International Guitar Festival” (Greece, July
2016,2nd and 3rd category)

First Prize at “Guitar Art Festival” in Belgrade (Serbia, March
2017,IV category)

Second Place and Special Prize at the “3rd Pittaluga Junior
Competition” (Italy, September 2017)

First Prize at “Pleven Guitar Festival” (December 2017,3rd

On February 27, 2015 he successfully performed his first recital at the
2nd International Guitar Festival of Thessaloniki. He has also
participated in numerous masterclasses of world famous guitarists, such
as Leo Brouwer, Ricardo Gallen, Marco Socias, Marcin Dylla, Aniello
Desiderio, Hubert Käppel and Oscar Ghiglia.
Apart from his musical activities, Filippos has also been distinguished in
mathematical competitions of the Hellenic Mathematical Society (2015-
2017). At 2016 he was the only student from Kavala to successfully pass
to the final stage of the National Mathematical Olympiad.
At March 2015, he received a special award from the Rotary Foundation
of Kavala for all of his accomplishments.