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During the International Guitar Festival Pleven 2018 guitars made by leading luthiers will be presented.
Special guest will be Masaki Sakurai (Japan). He will award the prize to the winner in a fourth age group: a classical guitar worth 8,000 euros made personally by him. Masaki Sakurai will make a seminar that will take us to the vast world of art called luthierry.

Masaki Sakurai (Japan) -Not only the most important luthier to emerge from Japan, Masaki Sakurai is also one of the best worldwide. In 1967, he graduated from the Sophia Univ., Electronics Department and entered Kohno Guitar MANUFACTURING. Among many other accomplishments, in 1988 Mr. Sakurai won awarded a First Prize at the IVth International Guitar-Making Competition in Paris, France.
The guitars built since he took over have maintained the high levels of quality, precision craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail and beauty of tone that have made Kohno guitars world renowned.

Lukas Milani (Italy) – Since 1996 Lukas Milani guitars are made in a traditional workshop from the start to finish, selecting best tonewoods and building techniques to achieve top level sounding guitars. Each instrument is built individually at the rate of ten a year so that high quality standards are achieved in terms of tonal palette, visual details and structural durability. Recently Lukas focuses his construction into modern classical guitar and fingerstyle acoustic guitar, even if for several years he worked with archtop guitars, Selmer manouche guitars, flamenco guitars, battente guitars, romantic guitars, lutes, electric guitars, acoustic basses, buzukis, historical pianos, violin setup, restorations. He lives and works in Barbarano, a small village surrounded by woods and nature near Vicenza, Italy.

Constantin Dimitriu (Romania) A very gifted and experienced Romanian luthier who has some of the leading concert guitarists performing on his instruments. Constantin Dumitriu started out playing classical guitar, but in his early 20s, he encountered one of Pujols former students named Eduard Pamfil who helped guide Dumitriu towards building. In 2002, Dumitriu met a student of Antonio Marin Montero in Sweden named Alejandro van der Horst. Van der Horst explained all of the steps in building a guitar in the Granada style and, as Dumitriu puts it: “this was the moment when I was practically born as a guitar maker”.Constantin Dumitriu’s unique style was recognized on an international level in 2005, when he was asked to give first prize in different International Festivals (Sinaia-Romania, Velbert-Germany,serlohn-Germany). Several leading artists play his guitars: Costas Cotsiolis, Hubert Kaeppel (Germany), Frank Gerstmeier (Germany), Thomas Kirchoff (Germany) and many others from Europe.
Facebook: Constantin Dumitriu

Charalampos Koumridis (Greece) is a relatively new self taught classical guitar luthier from Greece. Being a craftsman before getting involved with luthiery along with his passionate character and his endless energy helped him develop as a luthier fast and in high level. His wife being a musician and his daughter a young new guitarist triggered Charalampos to build his first classical guitar for his daughter. He immediately fell in love with luthiery and the development of the classical guitar. Over the years, and after his extensive studying of the traditional guitar building, along with his studying of modern luthiers with succesful double top and lattice guitars, Koumridis achived to develop his own sound that is based on the tradition but also has modern characteristics such as great projection, sustain, seperation between notes, warm and powerful bases, full and rich trebles. He builds three models that he developed to satisfy the needs of every modern guitarist. The Traditional concert model, the Double top concert model, and the Lattice braced concert model guitar.At his endeavour he had the help of top level guitarists from Greece and especially from Kavala, who offered generously their important advice. With Koumridis guitars playing notable soloists from Greece and other countries abroad.

 Rumen Todorov (Bulgaria) was born on 03.10.1953. in the city of Varna. His secondary education ends at STUM – Varna. From an early age he plays guitar and is interested in making and restoring musical instruments. In 1971, a severe catastrophe left him in bed for several months. In this difficult period he buys a luthier literature that helps him design his first electric guitar. The luthier later gave this instrument to a friend of his own who served together in the Naval Navy. After his dismissal in 1974, worked for 2 years in Comi (ASR). From 1983 to 1989 he worked as a professional musician in Bulgaria and abroad. Despite his numerous commitments, he continued his pursuits in the field of luthierry, dealing primarily with instrument repair. In 1993 – 94 he worked in the town of Remscheit (Germany) with keyboard player Rolf Kuster, where he restored grand pianos and pianos, mastering the subtleties of sound and shellac. In 2012 he finished his own studio in Bulgaria and created his first two acoustic guitars. For its tools, it uses traditional Indian rosewood, alpine spruce, cedar and selected Bulgarian materials: Rhodope spruce, walnut, pear, cherry, plum, mahogany and others. The atelier of the luther Rumen Todorov is located in the “Asparuhovo” Varna-Varna.
e-mail: [email protected]
Facebook: Rumen Todorov

 Slavko Mdalj (BiH) -was born in Saraevo where he take first steps in guitar building with famous local luthier. In his work he constantly invests in research and improvement in the quality of the instruments, using new technologies and materials in guitar construction. His instruments possess exceptional strength and tone projection, great dynamic range and superb responsiveness.

 Boyan Matev  (Bulgaria) Born 24.06.1958 in Varna, Bulgaria. A professional musician since 1979. Graduated The Bulgarian Conservatory in 1984 he is one of the representatives of the Bulgarian Guitar School. Mr. Matev teaches classical guitar in 1984 and 1985 at the High Musical School named Dobri Hristov in Varna. He worked as a professional musician in Norway, Switzerland, Austria and Greenland from 1985 till 1998. His first attempts in building instruments are in the early 90’s.Mr. Matev builds his first guitar in 1993. Since 1998 he lives and works constantly in Varna keeping his position of a musician and a luthier. He becomes a member of The Regional Society Of Masters-Luthiers in Kazanlak, Bulgaria on 20.08.2004. Takes part in different exhibitions and classic guitar seminars organized by The Society in Velingrad and Plovdiv. Mr. Matev builds thoroughly classic guitars by request for his clients from Bulgaria, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Oman.


Photo: archive 2015 and 2016