Guitar and voice

no age limits
  1. There are no age restrictions in this group.
  2. The competition program has a maximum duration of 14-17 minutes. Participants present a video recording with freely selected works in musical style from the following:

– jazz

– pop

– rock

– and others.

In case the project is by one artist, he should present his vocal repertoire with guitar accompaniment. Each participant can use an acoustic guitar – steel string guitar, classical guitar – nylon string guitar or both types of guitar at their discretion, depending on the nature of the songs presented. The use of other musical instruments is also allowed. The maximum number of participants in a group is 8. The same participant can be part of one or more groups. It is not allowed to perform instrumental compositions! The repertoire is performed by heart!

  1. The video recording must meet the following requirements:

As proof that the video is intended for this competition, the participant is obliged to state his / her name, surname and year of birth, as well as the program to be performed before completing the competition program;

– The recording should be uploaded in the application form;

Hands and face should be clearly visible throughout the recording;

 -the whole competition program must be performed as in a normal competition (all pieces are shot in one video file, in one frame, without any additional video or audio editing);

– The camcorder is not allowed to stop during recording;

-the record that does not meet the required conditions will be returned to the contractor, with a request to send in time a new record that meets all the rules.

  1. Recommendations for video recording can be seen here.
  1. The participation fee is 50 euro and has to be paid until November 13, 2020. After this date it is possible to sign up, but with a 20% higher fee until November 20, 2020.

The fee is transferred by bank transfer, by credit and debit cards or through the paypal payment system:

– Bank account:

First Investment Bank

IBAN: BG25FINV91501216145615


RECIPIENT: Art Close to Me Association

Grounds for translation: Participation fee + name of participant + category in which he will participate

– Address for PayPal transaction: [email protected]

Grounds for translation: Participation fee + name of participant + category in which he will participate

  1. The criteria for evaluation of the jury are: choice of repertoire (different eras and styles), artistic and technical difficulty, correctness of the musical text, interpretation, quality of tone, stage presence.

The jury may interrupt the participant in case of exceeding the regulated time. It reserves the right not to award all announced prizes. The decisions of the jury are final and indisputable!

  1. The results are officially announced in the online platform “zCore”, which will be posted on the festival website. Participants, as well as their companions, are not allowed to request results from members of the jury before their official announcement by the organizers.
  1. Prize fund:
    First prize of: invitation for paid participation in the festival in 2021, With a honorarium of 1000 BGN, medal, participation in a virtual concert of the festival winners;

Second prize: diploma, medal, material prizes from the sponsors of the festival;

Third prize: diploma, medal, material prizes from the sponsors of the festival;

All prizes are sent by courier at the expense of the festival.

First prize is not shared between two participants. Second and third prizes can be shared between two participants with a very close result.
90-100 points -First prize

80-89 points –Second prize

70-79 points- Third prize

  1. In order to register for participation, each participant must fill in the online registration form in which to attach:

– Document for paid fee;

– Completed and signed GDPR declaration (protection of personal data) – HERE;

– Photo;