Guitar and voice

1.In this category participants will be divised in two age categories:
– up to 18 years old
– no age limits


2.The programme for the competition is with a maximum duration of 15 minutes. The participants perform songs in the following music styles:
In case that the project is from one performer, then the person must perform their vocal repertoire accompanied with a guitar. Every participant can use an acoustic guitar (steel string guitar), classical guitar (nylon string guitar) or even both types depending on the personal judgement and the character of the presented pieces. Other types of musical instruments are allowed as well. The maximum amount of participants in one group is 8. One participant can take part in more than one group.
Performances of instrumental pieces are not allowed!
The repertoire must be played by heart!

3. The participation fee in this category is 15 euro (per performer). It should be paid no later than 31th October 2019. Every candidate, who applies after this date, but no later than 31th October is obliged to pay a 20% higher fee.
The fees are payable via bank transfer, credit card or PayPal:
Bank account WITH First Investment Bank
IBAN: BG25FINV91501216145615
ACCOUNT HOLDER: Association “Art close to me”
PAYMENT PURPOSE: Payment of registration fee + name of the participant+ the category he competes in.
PayPal address: [email protected]
PAYMENT PURPOSE: Payment of registration fee + name of the participant+ the category he competes in.

4. The assessment criteria of the jury are: choice of repertoire (different genres and styles) and difficulty, character of the songs, interpretation, stage presence. The jury can interrupt the participants when the time is prolonged. It also reserves the right not to give all the announced prizes. The decisions of the jury are definitive and not liable to discussion.

5.The results are announced on the online platform “zCore” that will be uploaded on the website of the Festival. The participants as well as their companions do not have the right to require information regarding the results from the members of the jury before they are officially announced by the organizers.
First prize cannot be divided between two participants. Second and third prize may be divided between two participants with almost similar results.

6. Prize fund:
In this category a monetary prize will be given  for the best original song, written in Bulgarian language. A prize by Musicautor.

First prize: Invitation for a payed performance in a concert, part of the National tour of the winners of the 5th Pleven Guitar Festival, which will take place in 2020 in eight cities in Bulgaria;  Video and pictured from the Gala concert; material prizes
Second prize: Material prizes
Third prize: Material prizes
Three consolation prizes from  “Art Close to Me” Association

8. Necessary documents for participation:

-fee payment receipt
-application for participation
-Filled and signed GDRP declaration from the participant