This year, the international competition, which is part of the 6th International Guitar Festival, will be held online from December 1 to December 14, 2020. 
Competition categories will be broadcast live and will be shared across the social media platforms: facebook, youtube and more.
The international jury will evaluate participants in real time with a specially designed software.
Every participant has to send in advance his performance in a video format, which follows the rules of the competition for the appropriate competition category.
In order to be as objective as possible, the jury’s vote is announced as soon as the category is completed, and all ratings will be signed and published instantly.
All participants will be able to see their result with comments attached to it.
Τhe audience will have the right to vote for each competition category, and will determine the audience award for each category.

How can you participate?
1.It is necessary to record a video, complying with all written requirements for the category (or categories) in which you have chosen to participate
2.To pay the participation fee / fees in advance
3.Fill out an online application form (for each category individually) by attaching all required documents as well as your video.