This year as well, performers and teachers from Bulgaria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Austria and the USA will take care of the professional and impartial judging. They will use specially designed software that will allow real-time voting when broadcasting categories. Way of voting: The members of the jury will give points to each participant according to five different criteria (different for each genre category). The sum of the five criteria will give an overall result. All total results from the members of the jury for the respective category are added. The highest and lowest are removed, and the rest are added up and the sum of the result is divided by the number of other members of the jury. This gives the score that participates in the ranking. The protection of the evaluation software is five-level and practically does not allow external interference. For maximum reliability, the result will be checked manually by professional mathematicians. The professionalism of the jury members, the objective way of evaluation, as well as the protection of the software, are a guarantee for the objective course of the competition part of the 6th Pleven Guitar Fest.