This year the international competition, which is part of the 6th International Pleven Guitar Festival, will be held entirely online from 1.12 to 15.12. 2020

We present you a completely new competition format, which has no analogue in its way of conducting and organizing. The platform will give a chance to students, professionals and amateurs to compete. For this purpose, a competition in classical guitar, electric guitar, fingerstyle guitar and guitar and voice will be held. There are a large number of age groups suitable for participants from 7 years of age to no age limits groups.

The competition categories will be broadcast on the designated days through separate events through the social platforms facebook, youtube and others. In real time, during the broadcast of the competition category, an international jury will evaluate the participants with specially designed software. All participants will be able to see their overall result, as well as the results of the individual criteria of the respective category in which they participate.


Pleven Guitar Fest in numbers
Why should I participate?

This year the international competition will be held in an extremely innovative way, which will certainly set a new beginning in music competitions in general.

Each participant will have the opportunity to participate in the style in which he develops and exactly in his age group.

For maximum impartial evaluation, special custom software was created for Pleven Guitar Fest. Through it, a professional, international jury will give its vote in real time, and participants will be able to instantly see not only their overall result, but also the results by criteria. In this way, everyone could understand exactly where and what they need to improve in playing.

The selection of the jury was one of the main elements on which the team of the festival worked the most. The result is there. All participants will be taken care of only by renowned and established teachers, as well as professional musicians and artists.

Pleven Guitar Fest Winners