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International Guitar Festival Pleven 2023 is organized by the Association “Art Close to me” and “LIK-1959” Community Center Pleven.  Artistic director, creator and main organizer of the festival is Nikolay Mihaylov / 34 years old / – teacher of classical guitar at National School of Arts “Panayot Pipkov” – Pleven, guitarist, composer of film music and member of the association “Art Close to me”.

With the first edition of the music event “Pleven Guitar Festival 2015”, the team of the non-governmental organization managed to bringing art closer to people. It helped them to promote themselves and to understand their importance to society, creating conditions for international development, realization of intercultural dialogue and exchange, personal and spiritual growth. All that as a result of interaction with art and development of aesthetics.

The small but highly inspired team of the association is represented by Milena Gramova-Mihaylova / 35 years old / – chairman of the organization, film director, fan of photographic art, guitar teacher at National School of Arts “Panayot Pipkov” in Pleven, and assistant organizer : “Guitar art for me is a vastness that fills me with inexplicable awe of its empathy.”

 Momchil Minkov / 26 years old / and Daniel Dimitrov / 19 years old / are software engineers and programmers, guitarists, organizers of the guitar festival. Their youthful outlook and innovative thinking, creates the modern and accessible information platform of the festival on the Internet.

 An integral part of the inspired team is Stephanos Demetriou / 30 years old / – guitarist, composer and teacher of classical guitar at National School of Arts “Panayot Pipkov” – Pleven.

Part of the team of the Association “Art Close to me” are young volunteers that are studying classical guitar and guitar lovers, united by the common idea of ​​developing an international guitar forum.

Undoubtedly, the team of “LIK-1959” Community Center in Pleven creates support and stability in the organizational process. The high level of professionalism, experience and support create confidence in the path to the dream of the youth team of the Association “Art Close to me”, which originated in the community center.

The transformation of the Pleven International Guitar Festival into an exciting musical celebration for the soul, art and inspiration, remains a leading goal for the organizers, which is yet to expand. The creative relationships and friendships created as a result of the intercultural exchange, inspire us with faith in the success of each subsequent edition: “We are looking forward to Pleven Guitar Festival 2023 – the upcoming international forum, for which we will do everything possible to become an annual cultural event. The city of Pleven – a crossroads on the European map and last but not least – a platform that provides an opportunity for the development of young musicians… “

/ The organization team /.