About us


Pleven Guitar Festival 2018 is organized by “ Art Close Me” Association and Community Centre “LIK-1959” Pleven. Nikolay Mihaylov /29/ is the creator, art director and main organizer of the festival – he is a classical guitar teacher at the National Arts School “Panayot Pipkov” Pleven, guitar player, film score composer and member of “ Art Close Me” Association.
Right from the first edition of the music event “Pleven Guitar Festival 2015”, the team of the nonprofit organization with socially useful activity, managed to introduce its main ideology – that is, make art approach the daily round of man, popularize it and show its meaning to society; structure premises for multicultural development and art performances; accomplish a transcultural dialogue and exchange and personal and spiritual development as a result from the interaction with art and a development of the aesthetic insight amongst the young.
The little but strongly inspired team of the association is represented by Milena Gramova-Mihaylova /30/ – president of the association, film director, fan of the art of photography, guitar teacher in Pleven, graphic designer of the guitar fest and co-organizer, ‘Guitar art is boundlessness to me that fills me up with inexplicable thrill of the experienced’. Momchil Minkov /21/ is a software engineer, programmer, guitarist, organizer of the guitar festival. His youthful attitude and innovative thinking create the modern and approachable information platform of the festival on the Internet.
Youth-volunteers are also a part of the team of “The Art Close Me” Association. They study classical guitar and are lovers of guitar art; they are united by the mutual idea for development of the international guitar forum.
Stela Dinkova  is the chief consultant and editor of the Pleven International Guitar Festival.
Undoubtedly the team of Community Centre “LIK-1959” Pleven ensures support and stability in the organizational process. The great professionalism, experience and support build up the confidence of the young team of “ Art Close Me” Association along the way to its dream, which first arose in the community centre.
To turn the Pleven Guitar Festival into an exciting music festival for the soul, the art and the inspiration, remains the organizers’ main goal, which is yet to expand. The established artistic relationships, friendships and enrichment owing to the transcultural exchange, inspire faith towards the success of every edition to come. ‘We expect Pleven Guitar Festival 2018 with excitement – an impending forum, for the sake of which we will do everything in our power to succeed in turning the festival into an annual expanding cultural event in Pleven – a point of intersection on the European map, and last but not least – a platform that gives the opportunity for development of young musicians…’ /organizers’ team/