During the International Guitar Festival Pleven 2020 will be held a webinars on various topics.
Lecturers: Georgе Vassilev-Bulgaria / Switzerland; Aniello Desiderio-Italy; Christopher Duartе-Great Britain; Nikolay Mihaylov-Bulgaria.

1. Ways of conducting classes: through the zoom platform.

2. The schedule will be specified in advance.

3. Registration will be done through the official registration form of the festival. You do not need to be a contestant. The form will be active from 19.10.2020

– The fee for ALL lessons (40 minutes) is 30BGN (approx. 15 euro). 
– The number of places in the webinars is limited, and those who are interested will be satisfied in the order of their registration until the limit is exhausted.
– The fee for active participation in the webinars is paid in advance by bank transfer.

4. Themes:
– Webinar with lecturer Georgе Vassilev: “How to better organize our daily practice and learning process”. Work on а group of exercices and studies in оrder to improve a specific technique (e.g. « p – i -m » or « p – m – i »), which can be applied on scales, arpeggios, tremolo, and extracts from our repertoire.
-Webinar with speaker Chris Duarte: “John Duarte Rediscovered”
– Webinar with lecturer Aniello Desiderio: “The creative path of the professional”