First A age group

up to 9 years old

1. In this group, participants are up to the age of 9 (Born in 2012 or later, as of the start date of the competition).
     In order to register for participation, each participant must fill in the online registration form (until 6.12.2021). Afterwards each participant will have access to it’s profile in the festival website, in which to attach:
– A downloadable link with the video recording made for the competition (suggested platforms: google drive, dropbox, wetransfer, one drive et.c.) Please do not send facebook or youtube links because of quality compression risk.
– Photo;
– Document for paid fee;
– Completed and signed GDPR declaration (protection of personal data) – download a blank HERE;
– A declaration from a parent confirming the age of the participant – download a blank HERE.

2. The competition program has a maximum duration of 6 minutes. Participants present a downloadable link with video recording, along with the application form, with pieces in different musical styles (baroque, classical, romanticism, etc.).
The repertoire is performed by heart!

3. Video recording requirements:
– Videos made during the last one calendar year (2021) are allowed to participate.
– The recording should be sent as a single file and attached to the recording form via a download link.
The video may be stopped between the pieces but NOT during the pieces.
– The video must not have  play-back editing (it is allowed to use an external microphone, but in this case, the audio and the video recordings have to be in sync)

– The video format have to be in the 16:9 rate, in landscape format (not portrait), without zooming.
– Hands and face should be clearly visible throughout the recording and the camera must be stationary.;
Audio effect is allowed but without excessive echo/reverb;
– Suggested audio level: from -12 db to -6 db  (peak -3 db/lowest point -18 db)
– Videos made in an outdoor environment will not be allowed.
– The record that does not meet the required conditions will be returned to the participant, with a request to send in time a new record that meets all the rules. 

  1. Recommendations for video recording can be seen here.
  1. The participation fee is 60 BGN  (approx. 31 euro) and has to be paid until December 6th, 2021.The fee is transferred by bank transfer, by credit and debit cards or through the paypal payment system:
    – Bank account:
    First Investment Bank
    IBAN: BG25FINV91501216145615
    RECIPIENT: Art Close to Me Association
    Purpose of payment: Participation fee + name of participant + category in which he will participate
    – Address for PayPal transaction: [email protected]
    Purpose of payment: Participation fee + name of participant + category in which he will participate
  1. The jury criteria: Choice of repertoire, dynamic nuances, technical mastery of the instrument and difficulty of the repertoire, quality of sound, Stage presence. It reserves the right not to award all announced prizes. The decisions of the jury are final and indisputable!
  1. The results are officially announced in the online platform “zCore”, which will be posted on the festival website. Participants, as well as their friends or parents  are not allowed to request results from members of the jury before their official announcement by the organizers.
    The Grand prize is awarded to the participant with the highest score and it cannot be sharedMore than one first, second or third prize will be awarded in this category, depending on the result:
    90-100 points -First prize
    80-89 points –Second prize
    70-79 points- Third prize
    60-69 points- Special prize

    8. Prize fund:
    Grand Prize: 50 € PDF coupon (valid 1 year) provided by ‘Producions d’OZ’; lifetime license for online guitar method “L’Аrt de la guitare” provided by GV records, free participation in Pleven International Guitar Festival 2022, digital diploma, participation in a virtual concert of the winners of the festival;
    First prize: digital diploma, note sheets in pdf version;
    Second prize: digital diploma, note sheets in pdf version;
    Third prize: digital diploma, note sheets in pdf version;
    Special Prize: digital diploma