Acoustic trio 3000

Bulgaria, concert during 2016

“Is the guitar a type of unconventional weapon?” This question from the end of the 70’s finds its logical and positive answer here. At last Bulgaria has its assault guitar formation. Its members are undoubtedly three of the most influential local musicians in Bulgaria: Ivan Lechev, Tzvetan Nedyalkov and Veselin Koychev. The formula has been well tested on the world music scene through different variations; the most popular example is The Guitar Trio consisting of Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucia.
The members of the Acoustic trio come from some of the greatest Bulgarian bands.
Ivan Lechev is from FSB, the only Bulgarian rock group to have won a Grammy award. At the age of 12 he studied violin in the class of his father: Prof. Boyan Lechev. In 1979 he joined the FSB and have subsequently released 9 albums and toured extensively. The most distinguishing feature of this trio is the violin of Ivan Lechev.
Tzvetan Nedyalkov who plays with the successful Ku-Ku Band is one of the musicians that is responsible for their unique sound and appearance. They have released 19 albums and performed at more than 500 concerts on their 13 national tours. Tzvetan Nedyalkov has played with many international groups such as: Manhattan Transfer, Mezzoforte, Incognito, Zuchero and Planet X. At the moment he is teaching jazz and pop guitar at the National Music Academy: Pancho Vladigerov in Sofia.
Veselin Koychev comes from Plovdiv and is the leader of the jazz formation “White, Green and Red”. He composes jazz, pop, classical and theatrical music, makes arrangements and orchestrations of folk music and other genres. During his long career he has performed with the biggest names in Bulgarian jazz and many of the worlds’ famous jazz musicians. He teaches guitar at the University of Plovdiv and at the Academy of Music, Dance and Arts.
“Their passion for guitar playing and some happy coincidences gathered these great Bulgarian musicians into a very special acoustic guitar trio.”
“Trusting in the principle that “Having a gun doesn’t make you more dangerous, than having a guitar makes you musician”, the three generals of guitar have created their first tool for “mass destruction”. It comes in the form of their album “Yo-Ho”, devoted to Yohan Devletjan, their friend and initiator of the project.”
“It is not easy to find other local guitarists who combine rock, jazz, flamenco and ethno with such ease and who handle their guitars as charismatically as this guitar trio.”