Ralitsa Haydarska – Bulgaria

Ralitsa Haydarska was born in 2006 in the city of Pleven. She has been involved in folk singing since she was seven years old. From the 5th grade she studied the same specialty at National school of arts “Panayot Pipkov” in the folk singing class of Silvia Haydarska.

Ralitsa Participates in many competitions and has numerous awards, including: gold medal and one-year scholarship from the Ministry of Culture of the XXI National Children’s Folklore Competition “Orpheus Spring” Stara Zagora, gold medal from the online competition “Lights and Talents” 2022. , award from the X anniversary national music and dance competition “Chicken Sings” and participation in the TV show “Our Music is Coming”.
Since 2019 he has been involved in guitar and pop and jazz singing. She participates in the XVl international competition for performers of the popular song “New Music” Gorna Oryahovitsa, where she was awarded lll place and bronze medal.

She feels satisfied with what I do and does. “I will continue to develop in this direction and make my dreams come true.”