Petar Ralchev-Bulgaria

Petar Ralchev (accordion) is one of the brightest stars on the contemporary Bulgarian music scene. A creator of a unique style that combines virtuosity, melody, rich harmony and improvisation “, he is a source of inspiration for many young accordionists around the world today. All the tendencies and developments in the field of contemporary folk music have crystallized in it, without contradicting the folklore traditions.

Inherited from the folk tradition a wealth of melodies and rhythms, he further develops them and takes them to new dimensions. The musician does not adhere strictly to authentic melodies, but creates his own music with rich virtuosity (a serious obstacle for all who try to perform it) range and variety of timbres, with enriched but not overcrowded harmonic language. He manages to achieve great diversity in improvisation, without looking for options, but rather overall construction and development.

The deep knowledge of folk music, combined with a solid classical education from the National School of Music in Plovdiv, allow him to develop incredibly and go beyond tradition.

He plays with almost all famous musicians in folk music and changes the notions of the accordion that exist so far. He breaks down the barriers of many genres and combines them into sophisticated, kaleidoscopic music. His perceptions are open to the music of other nations and today he is one of the most famous and respected accordionists in Europe. In addition to solo appearances, he has played in several international groups such as The Other Europeans Band, NoBorder Orchestra, Accordionale, DanubeShip Orchestra, Arabesque, and others. He also participates in many Bulgarian and foreign projects such as Zig-Zag Trio, Bulgarians, Balkan Old Accordion, LOBI and others.