Milen Djurov-Bulgaria

Milen Djurov


PhD student in classical guitar at the National Music Academy “Prof. P. Vladigerov “.

Milen Djurov started playing guitar at the age of seventeen under the direction of Banko Bankov, with whom he studied classical music and studied Latin and jazz. He continued his studies with Rosen Balkanski and in 2014 received a bachelor’s degree in classical guitar. He devoted several years to working with Latin and Sephardic music. In parallel, since 2010 he has been working with students in different schools. In 2018 he graduated with a master’s degree from Rosen Balkanski. He has master classes with Pablo Marquez, Georgi Vassilev, Gerhard Reichenbach, Gabriel Bianco and others. He has given concerts with various ensembles.