Evdokia Bobotsova-Bulgaria

Evdokia Bobotsova (mandolin) began studying violin at the age of 7 at the Dobri Hristov Children’s Music School in Montana, and later continued with the mandolin. He studied mandolin with Lyubomir Kalchev and Asen Dimitrov – founders and conductors of the first mandolin orchestras in the country; participates in master classes of Prof. Katerina Lichtenberg, Travis Finch and others.

He has many years of experience in chamber ensembles and orchestras. He played his first mandolin in the Montana Mandolin Orchestra and in the Sofia Mandolin Orchestra, and later he was a concertmaster of the Sofia Orchestra. She has been invited as a soloist in ensembles such as Studio Primo, Sliven Symphony Orchestra and others. In 2015 she was invited as a soloist of the orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio in concerts with music from the movie “The Godfather”.

He plays in chamber ensembles with world-famous musicians such as Alon Sariel, Avi Avital, Gerhard Reichenbach and others.

One of the founders of the mandolin quartet “Seasons”.

Concerts in Europe, USA, Japan, Kuwait. She is invited to give workshops on mandolin performance techniques at national festivals, as well as workshops dedicated to Bulgarian folk music in international forums.