Del Padre – Bulgaria

Del Padre is a flamenco fusion band and the only one in Bulgaria whose musical style is influenced by Spanish music – Spanish traditional flamenco, music from Cuba and Latin America, as well as folklore and ethno elements from around the world. The band was founded by Hristo Kolikov in 2009, together with guitarists Simeon Leonidov and Tsvetan Andreev, with the name “Rumba Aficionado”. Gradually the ensemble expanded and they were joined by the kaval player Zhivko Vassilev, the violinist Orlin Tsvetanov, Kalin Zhechev – keyboards, Dimitar Sirakov on bass and Deyan Iliev on drums.
In 2012, the musicians changed the band’s name to Del Padre and produced and released their debut album, Ruby. The music producer of the disc is Svilen Angelov. The recordings feature musicians from around the world – Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Cuba, Serbia, Spain, Poland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Bulgaria.
To date, Del Padre Group boasts a rich stage biography in various international and Bulgarian festivals – Apollonia Arts Festival, A to Jazz International Jazz Festival, Perelik Eco Jazz Festival “The Sound of Silence”, Fusion Fest  Tarnovo, GuitArt Festival and many more. etc. An important impetus for Del Padre to establish their unique style in mixing flamenco rhythms with Bulgarian folklore motifs is given by Neshka Robeva, who assigns the band the musical arrangement of the play “Carmen from the Faculty”. Over the years, the band has shared emotions and experiences with over fifty guest musicians and dancers. Last year they presented to the Bulgarian audience a new song and video with Poli Genova. The song is part of the band’s upcoming album, which their fans are looking forward to.

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