Antoine Guerrero – France

Born in 1996, Antoine Guerrero started his studies in classical guitar at the age of 8 with Argentinian guitarist Rodolfo Lahoz. At the same time, he also developed a strong passion for flamenco guitar, a style which has played an important role in his musical growth. However, later on he would finally choose to dedicate himself entirely to the study of classical music, amazed by the variety, subtlety and richness of its repertoire.
In 2010, he entered the Conservatory of Bordeaux under the guidance of Olivier Chassain. During this period he would receive an intense formation in chamber music, always eager to participate in all types of agrupations, such as: the guitar quartet “Alienor Quartet” (which gave him a wonderful insight into the arrangement of orchestral works), several duos (with a cellist, a tenor and a guitar duo) or a Tango Quintet.
In 2016 he obtained his Diploma in Guitar Performance and Chamber Music with honors, praised and complimented by the members of the jury. 
Later in 2016 he moved to Seville (Spain) to continue his studies with Francisco Bernier at the Superior Conservatory of Music “Manuel Castillo”. Just after his arrival he was invited to participate as a guest artist in a CD recorded during the Seville Guitar Festival, along with figures such as Judicael Perroy, Zoran Dukic and Remi Jousselme.
In June 2021 he obtained his Bachelor’s licence with Francisco Bernier at the Superior Conservatory of Seville “Manuel Castillo”.

Currently, he’s doing a Master’s degree at the Superior National Conservatory of Paris. He’s an artist in residence at the Cité International des Arts (Paris). 

Since he arrived to Seville he also began to present his work in competitions, obtaining the following prizes:
Second Prize in the III International Guitar Competition of the Festival International de la Guitare de Paris, 2021
First Prize in the VI “Pleven Guitar Festival” Virtual Edition (Classical guitar – No age category) (Bulgaria) 2020
Second Prize in the “Sarajevo International Guitar Competition” (Online edition) (Croatia) 2020
Third Prize in the VI “Juan Crisostomo Arriaga” International Guitar Competition in Bilbao (Spain) 2017
Second Prize and Audience Prize in the XX Antony International Guitar Competition (France) 2019
Third Prize in the III « Guitares en Béarn » International Guitar Competition (France) 2019
First Prize in the II « Valle dei Laghi » International Guitar Competition (Italy) 2018
Second Prize in the IX Seville International Guitar Competition (Spain) 2018
Third Prize in the I « Abate Marchena » International Chamber Music Competition (in Guitar Duo with Giuseppe Mennuti) (Spain) 2018 
First Prize in the II International Guitar Competition of the Festival “Drôme de Guitares” in Valence (France) 2017
Second Prize and Audience Prize in the VIII Seville International Guitar Competition (Spain) 2017
First Prize in the VI Albi International Guitar Competition (France) 2017
Antoine plays a guitar by Simon Marty.
He uses Savarez (Cantiga) strings and a GuitarLift support.