The fee per one hour (40min) is 20 euro. Per two  hours (40 min. each with one or two teachers) – 35 euro, and per three  hours – 55 euro.
The fee for active participation in the masterclasses is paid on the day of arrival.
The number of places in the masterclasses is limited to 64. Everyone who wishes to participate will be registered until the limit is reached.

Masterclass professors:
Gerhard Reichenbach – 0 free hours
Liviu Georgescu – 0 free hours
Darko Bageski – 0 free hours
Zoran Anic – 0 free hours
Stela Dinkova – 0 free hours
Rossen Balkanski – 0 free hours
Ekaterina Ikonomova – 6 free hours
Lubomir Anov (jazz improvisation) – 7 free hours